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Welcome to the adventure, a one of its kind game, using the state-of-the-art terminal to display a true adventure! It's almost like you're there! Using a never seen before 'Permadeath' system, you get a brand-new experience with every run! Rated "hottest PC game of 1981" by TurboGames!


  • Procedurally generated enemies!
  • Literally infinite replayability!
  • Deep combat system!
  • Amazing writing!
  • It's free! This time you can copy that floppy!
  • Amazing inventory management!
  • Blast processing!
  • That's not an old PC reference, but a console one!

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP file, then locate rpgpy3 in the 'dist' folder. That is the game's executable. Wow, even installing the game is overcomplicated, just like in the 80's!


Source Code 7 kB
Some kind of adventure OSX v1.1.zip 11 MB
Some kind of adventure v1.1 WIN.zip 9 MB

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